Enumclaw Fire Department and Enumclaw Police Department are honored to offer chaplain services to our first responders and citizens on the plateau.  Chaplains are specifically trained to assist first responders and citizens through traumatic incidents. Enumclaw Fire and Police Chaplains work diligently to professionally, compassionately and selflessly serve our community.

Chaplain duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Certified in providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) for both first responders and for the community.
  • Bring stability to a traumatic situation by supporting first responders and citizens involved in an incident.
  • Liaison between law enforcement, medical examiner and families.
  • Help build a team of support around a person(s) who is dealing with a traumatic event.
  • Assist people or families with the process of grieving.
  • Assist people or families through the process of funeral/burial arrangements.
  • Provide follow up care with the people or family. This can include answering questions about an incident, investigation or sitting and listening to people speak about their loved one and help them process the death or tragedy.


“I know some people are uncomfortable with the term Chaplain because of the religious implications. The term Chaplain means Protectors of what is Sacred. That’s what we try and do. Our job is to help care for a person and families who find themselves in a traumatic situation by bringing some clarity to the process.” -Marcus Kelly



Chaplain Jessica Zielinski 













Chaplain Marcus Kelly