Enumclaw Fire Department receives funding from three primary sources. Our three sources of funding include:

Fire suppression tax: $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation in 2023

  • The revenue obtained by the fire suppression tax is restricted to 1% annual growth with the exception of a voter approved “lid lift”.
  • In August of 2022 citizens approved Proposition 1, which is a 6-year levy lid lift.


BLS Allocation from Public Health Seattle & King County: 2024 annual allocation is $406,038

  • Since its inception, the regional Medic One/EMS levy has provided BLS agencies with an allocation to help offset costs of providing EMS services. The BLS General Allocation was developed as a way to recognize and support BLS for its significant contribution to the success of the EMS system, but was never intended to fully fund BLS. Agencies use the allocation to pay for a variety of EMS‐specific items including personnel, equipment and supplies.
  • Agency funding levels are determined via a formula distributing increased overall allocation based 50% on Assessed Valuation (AV), and 50% on call volumes. The EMS Division notifies agencies of their total BLS allocation each year. The funding is a reimbursement, meaning the agency invoices the EMS Division for repayment up to the amount available/spent that year.


Patient Transports

  • Citizens residing in the Enumclaw Fire Department are billed for patient transport services.
  • The current base rate is $1,100.00, plus $20.00 per mile.