Becoming a Firefighter

What does it take to become an Enumclaw Firefighter/EMT?

The fire service is both a very challenging and a very rewarding career path.  It is with great honor that we help and support our citizens during their time of need.  Going “Above and Beyond” is a revered tradition in the Enumclaw Fire Department. 

Here are some of the key characteristics of a successful firefighter.

Passion for Public Service

Successful firefighters have a passion for serving the community. It is the drive to help those in-need that empowers them to risk their own lives in order to save others.

In addition to providing fire and life safety services to community members in need of help, firefighters are also called upon to, consistently, participate in public outreach, fire prevention and public education.

Physical Fitness

The responsibilities of a firefighter can require both strength and endurance. While the strength and endurance can be built stronger over time, it is important that those coming into the fire service can meet a base level of physical fitness. Prior to being offered a firefighter position, recruits are required to pass a CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test). It is a standardized practical test designed to mimic the minimum fitness level needed to perform as a firefighter.

Mental Fortitude

Being a firefighter requires mental strength and endurance too. By the nature of the job, there are times it is mentally challenging. Having resilience, fortitude, and perseverance, greatly helps firefighters deal with the demands of the job.  We provide a variety of support systems, to all firefighters, to keep their behavioral health in the best shape possible.


There are many more skills and talents that help firefighters succeed at their job. Some skills are unique to each firefighter’s personality, other skills can be taught and built over time.

Choosing the career path of a firefighter can be deeply gratifying. The fire service offers many opportunities for growth and development and, by the nature of the job, cultivates strong bonds between the crews.


Within the first year, the department will put each new recruit through fire academy and EMT school. It is rigorous and rewarding training in a paramilitary-type, structured environment. Recruits will finish with certifications of FFII, HazMat Ops, EVIP and National EMT-B. After fire academy and EMT training, recruits will be put on shift, on probation, and mentored by senior fire department members and begin running emergency calls.

If you have the innate drive to help others and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from working with a team, firefighting might be for you.

Beginning your journey to join the fire service entails 4 main steps: 

  • The exam process
  • The hiring process
  • Fire Academy
  • EMT School


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